SGA approves three club’s funding requests

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By: Zane Gonzalez

Staff Writer


The SGA met for their weekly meeting last Friday, where they heard pitches from four clubs who were seeking funding requests. The Dodgeball club, the Equestrian team, the Education Student Association, and the Center for a Sustainable Future each got in front of the SGA to give their case as to why they needed the funding they were requesting.

The Dodgeball club, who is fairly new, is officially entering the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association in the spring and were asking the SGA for funding that would help them with getting uniforms and travel expenses for tournaments. Originally, they were asking for $400 but after some discussion amongst the SGA there was a motion to grant the Dodgeball club $453.09 and it passed unanimously.

The next club to step in front of the SGA was the Equestrian team. The team was there asking for funding for their upcoming weekend of competition where they needed money to help pay for their participation. Their largest necessity was for their coach, who according to Intercollegiate Horse Show Association rules, must be present in order for them to compete. The coach charges $75 per day and 60₵ per mile she must travel. The team was asking for $306.60 from the SGA, who eventually after discussion of past expenses and potential future expenses, passed a motion to grant the Equestrian team $586.60.

Also, there speaking in front of the SGA was the Education Student Association (ESA). The ESA is planning on having four members attend the Rising Educators Conference in Noblesville, IN. The students will be networking with others in the education field as well as possibly bringing back some supplies from the conference. The ESA was asking for funding to help provide hotel rooms for the members attending. The amount the ESA was asking for was $370.64. The SGA granted them $375 to cover the expenses of hotel rooms.

The final group to present in front of the SGA was the Center for a Sustainable Future. They presented a possibility of bringing a reusable water bottle that students could use and earn rewards at the same time. The company they would get the cups from is called Cupanion, and they would also handle all of the software and programing for the app that students would use in order to receive rewards when using the cup. The Center for a Sustainable Future was asking the SGA for $8,495. The cups were the bulk of the cost at $3 per cup and for 2,500 cups that brought it to $7,500 for the cups alone. The SGA decided to hold off on making a motion on the request until the group came back with some more numbers and more information, and asked them to come back to the next meeting.

Before the meeting was adjourned some upcoming events were discussed including Trivia Night on October 19, and a possible scavenger hunt during the week of October 30. Also discussed was the possibility of inviting someone from Sedexo to a future meeting to voice their concerns and those of many students who feel that the food on campus is not up to par.

The SGA’s next meeting will be held on October, 20.

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