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IU South Bend is adding another security measure to student accounts with the two-step login program.

Students will now be required to not only type a username and password to access IU accounts, but also verify their identities through either a smartphone application, a phone call, or by generating a unique code through one of various devices.

The two-step login program is an IU wide initiative that has already been implemented for faculty and university employees. But by Nov. 2 all IUSB students will be required to use the new login process. In order to prepare students, the University has started advertising the Duo smartphone application, which is one of the ways students will be able to complete the two-step login process.

Susan Baker is the manager of the Support Center in Wiekamp Hall, which is getting ready to help prepare students for the change. The Support Center is “promoting Duo early to help students get set up so they are not surprised when Two- Step becomes a requirement,” Baker said.

The two-step login process will be required for all IU accounts. For instance, Canvas would require the new two-step Login before a student can access it. In order to set up two-step, students will access One.iu and search for the two-step login program. After the page is loaded, students will need to enter their information on the two-step site.

Students will also need to download the Duo app from either Google Play or the App Store. Once the account and app are connected, students have four options to login. Students can receive a text or a call which will grant them access. They can generate a code on the app by pushing the key symbol. In addition, they can receive a notification and accept through the app, this is called a push.

Although the majority of students have mobile devices, Baker said it is not necessary to access Duo through a mobile device.

“If a student does not have a phone or tablet, forgets, or loses their device, then they can visit the support center in Weikamp,” Baker said. “We can provide codes that will work for the day. Also, we are working on a solution for students who do not have a mobile device.”

The Support Center will be providing information on alternative access through use of a token device that generates a code for students to enter.

Students can stay logged in for a twelve hour period. However, students will be logged out if they switch browsers.

Since implementing Duo for faculty and university employees, adjustments to the login process have been made in order to provide a smoother roll out for student use.

“The reason for introducing the Two-Step-Login program is to help protect both IU and students from phishers and hackers getting their personal information,” Baker said.

With the new login process in place, security breaches such as an incident involving a university employee who lost two paychecks as a result of hackers, should be a rare occurrence.

If students have any questions or would like help enrolling in Duo, they should visit the Support Center located in Wiekamp Room 1245.

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