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Grilled cheese sandwiches’ could possibly be one of the greatest indulgences ever created by mankind. And that’s a fact. The crisp, buttery bread encasing melted gooey cheese is a childhood memory many of us savor.

But now we are adults, and it’s time to take a step up from the Kraft singles and Wonder Bread. Take a step up to the big leagues of real adult grilled cheese.

This week: Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue

If you commute to school coming from the west side of Mishawaka Avenue then you’ve probably driven by this place a hundred times. From the outside it looks like snazzy deli, with items priced and catered to people like your grandparents.

But prepare to be mistaken.

When you step inside you see a case of cured meats, olives, deli salads and sandwiches. The staff is small, friendly and family orientated. Owners Jody and Joe are often working behind the counter and are very eager to assist any first time visitors. They also offer gelato, cheeses, espresso coffee, imported snacks and other fun items, if you aren’t quite in the mood for a full meal.

The small Italian menu features several warm sandwiches that change their contents daily. Cheeses, cured meats, bread, and tapenade, that’s all there is to each one of the sandwiches showcased for the day. It is then pressed, grilled and served hot to order.

For anyone who’s never tried tapenade, be sure to ask for a sample, as they offer several different kinds. Be sure to also sample Oh Momma’s house cheese j2K Capraio, made at their creamery in Walkerton Indiana.

One of the great things that Oh Momma’s offers IUSB students is a quick get away from campus to chill out in between classes. Their dining room is cute and quaint, and often not too busy since most people get their food to go. Orders can also be done via text message, which makes is super convenient for anyone just rushing between classes.

This shop is just another one of the lively little trinkets in South Bend that is often overlooked by college students. Despite its close proximity to campus, ability to take texted orders and cheap pricing, many students still have yet to try this perfect little addition to the IUSB surrounding area.

So next time between classes take a quick drive up to Oh Momma’s. You will not be disappointed.


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