Grant makes new teaching technology possible

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New tablets
New tablets and other gadgets are just some of the new technology available to IUSB instructors. PHOTO/Allissa Corak


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An annual grant makes the idea of teaching with new gadgets a reality for professors and faculty at IU South Bend.

IUSB Instructional Technology Consultant Daniel Janicki said the SEED Grant Teaching for Technology, up to $1,000 per semester, is available to instructors for the exploration of new classroom technology.

“They can apply to get technology that can enhance their teaching, enhance classroom activity, anything that has to do with enhancing teaching students,” said Janicki.

During the next tech fair, new technology will be for sale to professors and faculty, providing the possibility for more technologically engaging lectures.

According to Janicki, the better the technology used in classrooms, the better the education students will receive.

He said past technologies include the HTC VIVE, a virtual reality headset, which a fine arts professor uses to view 3-D artwork.

While instructors use the fair to invest in their students’ educations, they get some education as well. Janicki said demonstrations by vendors will show the staff what all the technology can do.

“We’ll have a few vendors there, also other departments around the campus that have technology or help with technology that can help faculty if they might not know about it.”

Some of the new tech gadgets include a headset that reads brainwaves, making it possible to move objects with the mind.

“You basically focus on a cube and focus on lifting the cube and the cube will lift as long as you are thinking about it,” he said.

Janicki adds there will also be new tablets available, wireless connectors and for the art department, new Surface Pros.

And the greatest benefit for students, a lecture that is more hands-on.

“Now, we’re not only talking, we’re doing a hands on project,” said Janicki.

This semester’s fair kicks off on Friday, March 3.


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