Getting to know Courtney Sniadecki, Preface web editor

PHOTO/Courtney Sniadecki

Meet Courtney, the Preface’s web editor PHOTO/Courtney Sniadecki

Staff Writer

Finding a spare moment to get Courtney Sniadecki, The Preface’s web editor, to slow down is a difficult task. She’s a busy woman.

“Unfortunately, between two part-time jobs and a full-time school schedule, I don’t have much free time. I work every day of the week, and when I’m not working, I’m studying or doing homework,” she said.

It is this drive that has brought her so far in her studies, and what is positioning her for a successful trajectory from IU South Bend.

A South Bend native, Sniadecki spent much of her childhood between South Bend and Fort Wayne, where other family resided. And like many college students, Sniadecki started college with a different major in mind when she started. An English major for most of her college career, she decided to switch over to mass communication with a concentration in public relations.

“I enjoy journalism just as much, if not more, but I figured I have a lot of editorial experience already and could use a better understanding of PR,” she said.

When Sniadecki isn’t doing homework, attending class, or working on the student newspaper, she might also be found working as the communications coordinator for South Bend’s Venues Parks and Arts.

“I’ve worked for The Preface for three years now. For the first year, I was the page designer before I transitioned to the web editor position. I hope to stay with The Preface through the rest of my time in college,” she said.

Having worked as the co-editor-in-chief for Penn High School’s literary magazine, Spectrum, she discovered The Preface during welcome week of her sophomore year.

“Joining The Preface is probably one of the best opportunities and experiences I’ve had in my time here at IUSB,” she said. Another one of her favorite parts about IUSB is some of her classes she’s taken, like a literary editing and publishing course with David Dodd Lee, as well as the commuter-campus lifestyle. The commuter-campus charmed her into staying instead of leaving for a more expensive, on-campus option elsewhere.

She does have actual downtime here and there, however, and she fills it with hobbies.

“I enjoy writing, watching movies and spending time with my friends. I collect vinyl records—both old and new—and all kinds of books,” which she said she intends to read when she has the time, but with everything going on it hasn’t happened as much lately.

“I also spend quite a bit of time doing research to find better, more efficient ways to do my jobs, such as the newest communication strategies, web and social media techniques and the most effective ways to develop relationships with the media,” she said.

“That probably sounds lackluster, she said, “but I actually love both of my jobs.”

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