Equestrian team in full canter

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The IUSB Equestrian Team is ready for their show. From left to right: Coach Lindsay Rudd, Kaili Evans, Jessica Glossenger, Hannah Rupert, Nicole Burns, Danielle McDermott, Sarah Addy, Christina Kloski and Robyn Hawley. PHOTO/IUSB Equestrian Team

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Christina Kloski has loved riding horses since she was seven years old. Now she gets to continue riding while also going to school.

Christina, a junior majoring in accounting, has been a member of IUSB’s Equestrian Team since November 2015, however, she did not start showing horses for the team until the fall semester of 2016.

The team’s season starts at the beginning of the fall semester and goes until about spring break, depending on if they go on to regionals.

The team is open to any full-time student regardless of experience level, even to those who have never ridden a horse.

The horses they use for the lessons are provided by the trainer at the barn. Team members must have a lesson the week of each show and at least a lesson every month.

When it comes to the shows, the school that is hosting will provide the horses. When the team gets to the show, they draw a number that will tell them which horse they will each be riding. Right now, there are ten active members of the team.

“The cost is the hardest part I think between lessons and driving to the shows,” Kloski said. “We car pool a lot. Also, not knowing what horse you are going to draw at a show. You are always hoping you get a good draw.”

For more information about joining the team, contact them on their Facebook page at IUSB Equestrian Team or by email at iusbequine@gmail.com.

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