ACMC offers different kind of dating

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Professor Anurag Pant is in jail at the ACMC November fundraiser. Photo/ALEX HUMPHREY

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No one can say that the Advertising and Marketing Club (ACMC) isn’t a group of incredibly creative people. They’ve had quite the track record of interesting fundraisers.

In November of 2015 the club duct-taped their faculty advisor, Anurag Pant, to a wall. And in late 2016, students could pay money to put him in jail, shoot silly string at him or duct-tape his mouth shut. The ACMC also had a piñata fundraiser where you could hit the political candidates. Their most recent fundraisers raised a little more than $900.

According to ACMC president Alex Humphrey, the club plans to go to a career fair in Chicago, Ill.

“It’s a great way to see the big advertising world and is also a great networking opportunity,” Humphrey said.

Now, the ACMC is thinking of its next fundraiser. Their idea is a spinoff of speed dating for those millennials who use Tinder as their main source of dating. Speed dating is where you have a sequence of conversations, with random people, for a short period of time to see if there is any mutual interest.

But in ACMC’s take, instead of trying to find your soul mate, you’ll be chatting with IUSB alumni, other students and people within the South Bend community. But hey, maybe you will find your soul mate too.

This networking event could let you meet new people while you learn about other clubs, or ask questions to alumni.

The ACMC isn’t just for marketing and advertising students. Their meetings are held on at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Administration Building and are open to students with all majors. They currently have close to 30 active members but want more to join.

Rosanne Eiler, president of the Marketing Club, encourages students of all majors to drop into a meeting anytime they’d like.

“We’ve had students come into our meetings to learn about the marketing industry as well as us learning about theirs. So we take different degrees and different students coming in.”

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