SGA passes two funding requests

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The Men’s Baseball team received $4,500 from the Student Government Association (SGA) for new uniforms. According to Senator Lois Kassem, last year’s head coach overspent on the teams budget, leaving the team with a budget lower than originally planned for. The team also had an addition of 30 new players, meaning a higher cost for transportation to away games.

Because of this the team has already spent their budget of around $16,300 for the season, only allowing them to be able to afford one set of jerseys. This means that on trips with multiple games the team must use a dry cleaning service, wear dirty uniforms, or wear uniforms of the wrong color. The team will also be requesting a set of warm up uniforms at the end of the year, if there is any money left in the SGA budget.

A request for $1,625.85 by the Student Nursing Association was also approved by the SGA. This is to help pay for registration and hotel rooms as they attend the Indiana Association of Nursing Students Annual Convention in Indianapolis next week. The conference is aimed at helping nursing students learn the types of challenges they will be facing in the workplace.

In years past, only a few students have requested to attend the annual trip, but this year that number quadrupled with 15 to 20 IUSB students requesting attendance, according to faculty advisor Barb White. This may be a sign that IUSB’s nursing program is only growing since the Vera Z. Dwyer Charitable Trust donated $5.8 million last year to IUSB’s College of Health Sciences.

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