Gems in the Bend: Drinking and dining on a student budget

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Morris Inn

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Drinking alcohol and eating tasty food is one of my favorite pastimes. But, venturing into an unknown restaurant or bar can often be a scary endeavor. This is especially true when one is living on a student budget. That’s where I come in. I’m here to give you my best advice on delicious and intoxicating deals at lesser-known spots around South Bend. Each issue, I’ll feature one of my favorite spots in an effort to give you an idea for where to go next time you want to indulge.

This Week: The Morris Inn at Notre Dame

Unlike IUSB, Notre Dame allows alcohol on campus and even houses two bars of its own. Most of you are probably familiar with the sports bar, Legends, but fewer are familiar with Rohr’s—the more plush bar inside the Morris Inn.

There is no debate that the Morris Inn on Notre Dame’s campus is the most expensive hotel in South Bend. So one might think that it would be off limits to indulge in a drink or a date on a poor student’s budget. But, I’m here to report that Rohr’s offers $2 well drinks every Tuesday. Such a deal will allow you to put on a dress or a button up shirt and indulge like a classy adult.

If you have never been inside the Morris Inn then you are missing out on one of South Bend’s finest drinking spaces. Here you can sit alongside some of the greatest minds in the area and maybe even strike up a casual conversation with a Notre Dame professor. Not only is Rohr’s a classy spot to take your date, it is also great for a girls’ night too. The large tables are perfect for groups, and the bar chairs feel like you’re sitting on a mini elevated couch.

If the bar gets too crowded or noisy, you can take your drink to the lobby, or, if the weather permits, to the back patio. The lobby is fabulous because it is full of comfortable leather couches, chairs and ottomans to lounge upon, as well as a fireplace—a prime spot to converse over drinks with your sweetheart.

The lobby is also a perfect spot if you have underage friends who want to join in on the night out (or be the sober driver). The front section of the bar also allows seating for all ages, which can be great if you have to bring your kids along with you.

The Morris Inn is easy to find. Drive up Notre Dame Avenue as you approach the Golden Dome, just before you reach the drop-off circle at the end of the street, turn left into the hotel driveway. Here, you will do a kind of U-turn and pull up to the very front of the lobby.

But where does one park, you might ask? You don’t. The restaurant has fre valet parking. That’s right, free. All you have to do is get your card stamped when you pay your bill!

Recently Rohr’s has also added a $2 taco Tuesday special, and while I have not tried them, I think nearly everyone can attest that any taco is amazing after one has had a few drinks. The best part is that the kitchen stays open until midnight. This is about two hours later than most restaurants in the area.

Three drinks plus tip will only set you back around $10. So grab a date, or a group of friends, and go have a refined night out in the Bend.


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