Wii U: The latest casualty in gaming

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We all know that technology fades quicker than the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. Sorry to any Tribe fans, but the joke was right there.

Video game systems are one of the most prominent casualties out there and have been for some time. Before the day I turned 18, I had an Atari, a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and a PlayStation 2. Sure, those systems come from several different manufacturers and lovers of vintage video games still use them, but I had those all within a span of five years.

With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch, a gaming system that is both playable on your television and home and is also portable, the word is that the Nintendo Wii will soon no longer be produced. You will be able to get one at a game store or on sites like eBay, but Nintendo is not going to make any new ones.

Wii U may not have taken off in the way that perhaps Nintendo expected it to. The idea that you could have a choice to play on your gamepad or the television was pretty cool in concept. There are certain games where I can personally say I really enjoy that feature. A lot of great games like “Splatoon” have been introduced through the Wii U format. I don’t hate it personally, but it isn’t selling.

Why do gaming systems only last a few years? It could be demand of the gamers for something new and exciting. It could be the gaming companies trying to entice gamers with something new to make a quick buck. It could be a combination of things. I always want to get the new system that is out there so it is tough for me to complain about a process that I contribute to.

It is only a matter of time before virtual reality is more heavily incorporated into the major brands like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. The original Wii already started that trend with the Fit and Just Dance games. How much will people pay for a gaming experience that truly lets them experience the play environment? It would appear that we will find out very soon.

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