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Neil N. Labute’s “The Shape of Things,” which became a 2003 film featuring Paul Rudd and Rachel Wiesz, will be making a run at IUSB from Nov. 15 through Nov. 20.

Directed by Professor Randy Colborn, “The Shape of Things” has a small crew team and only four performers for each show. The play will take place in the Upstage of Northside Hall.

“The Shape of Things” is a ten-scene play that is based at a small Midwest University. The story surrounds four college students in modern day relationships who become emotionally and romantically involved. Throughout the play, they deal with the problems of trying to make your appearance fit for the one you love and trying to work with sexual and gender standards given in society.

Dayandra De Miranda-Leao, who’s performing as Jenny, knows that the close space from the audience and the smaller number of performers can be difficult at times.

“I think a challenge is that we are always going to be on stage,” said De Miranda-Leao. “So we have to constantly be aware of the audience and make sure that we are keeping their attention.”

Matt Magaldi, who performs as Jenny’s fiancé, Philip, believes that this situation can be a positive for him and his cast members.

“I think that an immediate advantage is it is easier to make chemistry with less people,” Magaldi said. “You don’t have to worry about trying to individually connect.”

The play is being advertised for a mature audience due to its adult language, themes and situations. Patrick Waterson, who performs as Adam Sorenson, a nerd that goes through a physical and emotional transformation, believes that this will be beneficial to the audience.

“I like it because it is such a unique kind of art. But to have shows with this kind of content are ones that I love,” said Waterson. “A show like this really gets people to think.”

“The Shape of Things” promises to have many shifts in tone and plot twists. Kendra Turner, who plays Evelyn Ann Thompson, a graduate student who changes Adam throughout her relationship with him, believes that the audience will not make assumptions on characters due to gender stereotypes.

“My character doesn’t really conform. She really doesn’t play into the belief that there are things that a woman should do,” Turner said. “While Adam is more submissive, Evelyn is more dominant in their relationship and gender dynamics.”

The first five shows of “The Shape of Things” take place from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19 and will start at 8 p.m. The final show on Nov. 20 will begin at 2 p.m.

Tickets for the shows will be available at the Arts Box Office in Northside Hall. Individual tickets are free to children and IUSB students with a valid student ID. It will be $5 to $9 for the rest. For more information or for tickets, visit IUSB Arts page or call at 574-520-4203.

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