Everything is awesome when you have Legos


I did not play with Legos as a child. It is not that I wouldn’t have liked to, it is just my parents never thought to give them to me. Because of this, I have definitely had a weak perspective on how much fun it is to play with Legos and what you can do with them. Yes, adults can have fun with Legos.

Recently, I found myself at a shopping mall in Indianapolis and encountered The Lego Store that, naturally, sells nothing but Legos. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you could purchase sets that will allow you to build the Sydney Opera House or London Bridge. You can recreate an entire building inside and out.

My husband, who did play with Legos growing up and is still a giant child, purchased a movie theater scene, which includes a three-story building and is considered an expert level builder set. The photo on the outside of the box looked interesting, but it was nothing compared to seeing the structure actually being built.

The set has everything from movie theater seats that actually recline to little soda fountains. The soda fountains do not actually dispense soda, but a small part of me really wishes they did. There are also little Lego people that go inside the building, though once you stack the levels on top of each other you can not see anything on the inside unless you do a bit of deconstruction.

Considering the somewhat recent release of “The Lego Movie” and a number of Lego video games out there such as “Lego: City Undercover,” I would say the popularity of the brand is at a peak. All things considered, it is one of the better toys a child could have as it teaches them how things work and how to create something from a bunch of small pieces. It is a pretty fun toy for us big kids, too.

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