What’s new in campus printing?

Student, Rose Wamburu, uses a printer in the library. PHOTO/C.A. Printup
Student, Rose Wamburu, uses a printer in the library. PHOTO/C.A. Printup

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With midterms, finals and projects, printing can make or break a student’s grade point average. If a document is not turned in on time, it can be the difference between a pass and a fail. So why isn’t it easier to print on campus?

In order to print from campus, students must use one of the computers on campus. As soon as they load up the computer, students should hit a small icon that says “Set Printer,” even if the student has used computer before and printed from it fine. This should be done as soon as possible because it takes a while for the algorithms to send the signal to the network of printers on campus.

Students then can go to the web or upload a document from their flash drive and hit print. They should then go to the printer closest to them, or the one they want in order to print it off.

“That to me seems like inside information,” SGA President Stephen Salisbury said. And it definitely is true. When most freshmen students were asked how to print on campus, a majority of them said they didn’t know how.

If students wish to print from their own computers, they should go to Students need to log in with their regular account information that they use to access Canvas and One.IU.

Students can also send documents to the printer via From there, they could upload any files that are supported with IU Print. This sends the document to any printer on campus, or there is a button on the lower right hand corner that will print it out automatically, giving the location on the button. If students wish to not automatically print, they would go to a printer and swipe their cards regularly in order to print.

“There is a time delay on that, however,” Salisbury said. “So that’s what I am really trying to address.”

Salisbury is currently advocating for a more streamlined print system. While Salisbury has yet to meet with the IT department to see what would be needed in order to make printing easier, it is one of the goals for the year, along with a 24-hour student lounge and possible expansion of food options on campus.

“Making that happen, as I understand, is not easy,” Salisbury said. “There is a lot of programming and code and connections.”

The regular computer labs and computer banks are not the only places that students can go to print. The Franklin Schurz library on campus has multiple computer spaces and an IT person is there during working hours to help with any computer needs. The Wiekamp Educational Resource Center (WERC) in the Education and Arts building also hosts several template, cutting tools and computer stations for students to use.

On-campus clubs and workplaces even have their own budget for printing off flyers, so students participating in the activities will not have to pull from their personal allotment.

Students in the IU system can also use their IDs at other IU campuses in order to print as well. The process at other campuses is slightly simpler, according to Salisbury.

“I was at IUPUI last weekend for instance,” Salisbury said. “I logged onto it, hit the set printer button, did my thing and then, I found a printer. I swiped my card and there it was.”

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