Student activity fee to fund Japanese food demo

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Japanese Club president Allison Steele requests funding for the club’s annual Sushi Demonstration. PHOTO/RYAN LOHMAN

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There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and sushi can be expensive.

The Student Government Association Senate voted to fund the Japanese Club up to $950 for its annual Sushi Demonstration at the SGA Senate meeting Sept. 30.

The annual event involves, along with a sushi making tutorial, a chance to taste Japanese cuisine, which this year will include mochi, a Japanese desert, club president Allison Steele said.

“This is good for the students and for the school because it gives everybody a feel for Japanese culture,” Steele said, presenting her club’s request to the senate.

A few times this semester, senators have questioned whether clubs should request student activity fee funding from the SGA before trying fundraising through events and sales first.

The Japanese club plans to raise funds through a Nelson’s Port-a-Pit event in the spring and by selling origami on Valentine’s Day. But a previous attempt at fundraising through the sale of Krispy Kreme Donuts proved ineffective, Steele said, leaving the club without the necessary funds for the Sushi Demonstration.

Senator Levi Klopfenstein motioned to fund the Japanese Club the full amount of its request—$950. Senator Caderia Strickland seconded that motion, saying, “It’s a nice thing for students on lunch break.”

But with most of its fundraising planned for after the Sushi Demonstration, the Japanese Club couldn’t avoid the fundraising questions.

“I like to see fundraising prior to a funding request,” SGA senator Lois Kassem told Steele during the Japanese Club’s request presentation. “I hate to see SGA get into the habit of funding these requests automatically. SGA should be the last resort for fundraising.”

Kassem went on to offer a motion to table the request until the next SGA meeting. Her motion did not get enough votes to override Klopfenstein’s funding motion, which passed with only Kassem in opposition.

Kassem added that she was not against the event. “I love this event,” she said.

The Japanese Club will host its Sushi Demonstration Nov. 1 in the Grill. The club still has Krispy Kreme Donut tickets to sell, Steele said. For more information about the event, the Japanese Club’s fundraisers, or to buy Krispy Kreme Donuts, contact Allison Steele at

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