Meet videographer Sarah Whitehead

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Meet the Preface's videographer, Sarah Whitehead.
Meet the Preface’s videographer, Sarah Whitehead. PHOTO/Sarah Whitehead

Staff Writer/Videographer

I have been on staff with The Preface for a full year, but am just getting around to introducing myself. This year is my sophomore year at IU South Bend, and I have lived in the Mishawaka area my entire life. I always knew that I wanted to attend college close to home so IUSB was the best choice for me.

I am majoring in new media with a video/motion media concentration. I know that I want to be working in video production, but not sure which direction I want to go with that. For that reason, I’m working toward minors in mass communication and marketing.

I find the television industry fascinating, but also find interest in advertising, hence the marketing minor. My favorite TV genres to watch are mockumentaries like The Office and reality TV shows—yeah, they are all so fake, but they are so great. I would love to work on a show for a bigger network at least once in my life.

Right now, I am getting a taste of the communication side of things by working at a news station, which is not what I started college thinking I would be doing. I was never interested in journalism before I entered college. I rarely watched the news and frankly did not care much about it. But something changed in me and now I love watching the news and helping to make the newscast happen.

For The Preface, I serve as a staff writer, videographer and I also run the events calendar on our website. I enjoy creating videos that highlight events and organizations on campus. I also like covering our sports games. I wanted to start our events calendar to keep students informed on the events happening around campus and the South Bend area.

You will probably hear this a million times during your few years at IUSB, but being involved really does help motivate you.

You can find my work for The Preface on our YouTube channel, IUSBPrefaceTV, each week. These videos are posted to our website,, as well as to our Facebook page. By the time I graduate, I would love to get our YouTube channel more active with more of our staff submitting videos, even if they are just a minute long, so students can get their campus news in multiple forms of media and so our staff can grow their portfolios even more.

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