New parking permits arrive for fall semester

New permits will be required in all IUSB parking lots after Labor Day. PHOTO/BRANDON GROVES
New permits will be required in all IUSB parking lots after Labor Day. PHOTO/Leah Fick

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There are many IU South Bend employees and students who need their vehicles to get to campus. For those who do, it is now time to update their parking permits.

All Indiana University schools are switching over from the A and D parking permits to the new EM and ST permits. Helene Cooper, parking clerk for the IUSB Parking Services, said that these new parking permits would require more information.

“Not only will we ask you for your license plate information,” said Cooper. “We will also ask you for the vehicle’s make, model, color and number of doors.”

There are two ways to apply for the new parking permits. The first is to apply online at Students and employees can also apply in person at room A1 005 in the basement of the Administration Building.

Parking Services is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday.

The new parking permits also have new annual costs. Instead of being based on the number of credit hours for each semester, the new parking permits have a flat rate of $160 per year. Students who do not have summer classes can receive a refund for that semester.

“If you don’t need it for summer, you need to return your parking permit to us by the end of May to have your summer parking permit money returned,” said Cooper.

Although not all students will agree with the increase in parking, Stephen Salisbury, Student Government Association president, does not believe that this is a punishment for part-time students.

“It’s the culture in higher education to encourage students to be full time,” said Salisbury. “It’s a fine line. The administration here is concerned with student cost.”

Not all students and employees currently have their new parking permits. Tickets will be given out to those who don’t have the permits, starting the week after Labor Day. The new parking permits could also bring an increase in parking fines and tickets.

“If you don’t have a parking permit on your vehicle and you didn’t pay for parking, you will get a ticket for $20,” said Cooper.

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