ATM removal leaves fewer options for getting cash on campus

PHOTO/Alicia Flores

PHOTO/Alicia Flores

Staff Writer

Over the summer Teachers Credit Union (TCU) removed an ATM from its longtime home in Northside Hall.

“The removal of the TCU ATM was a business decision by TCU,” said vice chancellor, Phil Iapalucci. “The machine was not satisfying the business needs of TCU.”

Prior to the removal, TCU posted notice regarding its departure. The ATM was moved during the last week of the spring 2016 semester, according to Iapalucci.

That leaves IU South Bend with only one ATM, operated by 1st Source Bank. That ATM is located in the Administration Building near the Gateway.

Students do not have to be a member to use the ATM but will be charged a $3 fee for doing so, according to the 1st Source Bank disclosure. Your financial institution may also charge a fee.

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