Students revive soccer club

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IUSBFC President Stuart Settle PHOTO/IAN BROWN
IUSBFC President Stuart Settle

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Student soccer enthusiasts have revived the IU South Bend Fútbol Club (IUSBFC). More than 80 students signed up to participate at the club’s Welcome Week table.

The IUSBFC has been around for more than a decade, but it suffered from a lack of student interest, dwindling to around only 30 members in 2013, according to senior political science major Stuart Settle.

Settle is the IUSBFC president and a Student Government Association senator.

“I was hearing a lot about the international students wanting more opportunities to get engaged on campus,” said Settle. “One of the reasons I wanted to organize the soccer club was to provide more opportunities for students to get engaged, and to play soccer.”

The club meets at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Student Activities Center for practice, and they play against other teams from local colleges.

There is no fee to join, Settle said. And both women and men play on the same team. But there are some costs associated with the club. Each member must provide his or her own equipment, such as cleats, shin guards, but the club will raise money to help students if they can’t afford the equipment, Settle said.

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