Quirky contestants shine on America’s Got Talent

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Admittedly, I no longer watch a ton of reality television. I think most of it these days is garbage and often shows the worst of humanity. America’s Got Talent is a show that I never thought I would follow the way that I have this season. Ventriloquists AND jugglers? I mean, that’s weird, right? How do you compare the two? That is a question judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel have to ask themselves during every show.

This season in particular has really captured my attention because of a couple contestants in particular who are just full of quirky goodness. Some people are scared of “different,” but “different” is a beautiful thing, especially on this season of America’s Got Talent. Magician and NFL player Jon Dorenbos is an extremely skilled magician, but I’ve seen it. Brian Justin Crum is an extremely talented singer, but I’ve heard it. Now, let me tell you about what I haven’t seen or heard.

Unless you never turn on a television or scroll through news feeds online, you may have heard of a very young, very talented ukulele player named Grace VanderWaal. She writes all of her own songs and delivers them in her unique style with a delightful blend of honesty and joy. It amazes me that a year ago, most people Grace knows personally did not even know she sang. If she doesn’t win the whole thing at this point, I would be very surprised. It is apparent, though, that she will become a superstar regardless of the outcome of the show.

The other fun surprise this year has been the comedic stylings of Tape Face. His approach is simple and genius. As you might imagine, Tape Face wears a piece of duct tape across his mouth so that he cannot speak. He uses facial expressions, music, and props to perform his act. While a lot of other people could just as easily put tape over their mouths and try to mimic what Tape Face does, he did it first, and I truly don’t think many people could do it as well. He make me laugh using sock puppets. SOCK PUPPETS.

If you get an opportunity, please check out what remains of America’s Got Talent this year. It is highly entertaining with a variety of talent that is sure to appeal to many.

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