IUSB campus and community invited to celebrate IU

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IU Day
Anyone who is a part of Indiana University can enjoy 24 hours of IU pride by                              sharing the support and donating to the university.

By: Emily Yussum
Staff Writer

“It’s historic. It’s first-ever. It’s for all who love IU!”

As a student, faculty member or fan of Indiana University, anyone can join in on the 24-hour, worldwide celebration of IU Day on April 12, which promotes engagement, university pride and giving.

Indiana University has branches throughout the state and this international celebration brings the campuses, students and IU communities together.

“What we want people to do is to celebrate IU, their pride and their spirit and support the university as well,” said Mallory Jagodski, assistant director of alumni affairs.

IU Day falls during IUSB’s alumni week, where the campus will be celebrating alumni of the college community. Through a schedule of events, the university plans on inviting alumni back to the campus, to experience all the changes being made, and enjoy the events IUSB has to offer them.

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) will be hosting a campus event for the students and faculty of IUSB and, partnered with the St. Joseph County Chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA), will host an event for alumni at Chicory Café 5:30 p.m. April 12.

On IU Day, weather permitting, SAA will host a lemonade and sweet tea bar on Greenlawn, charging one dollar per cup. The proceeds will support the Student Alumni philanthropy project, benefitting student teachers and relieving the burden they have when purchasing class supplies. The organization will be giving away free buttons with IU graphics and free popcorn, and students will be invited to partake in games offered.

Also, on the sidewalks around Greenlawn, students are encouraged to create chalk designs and answer the question: “What do you love about IU South Bend or IU in general?” Using the hashtag #IUday, they can post their designs and answers on social media and see their support as well as the support from other IU campuses.

If students cannot make the campus event, but are still interested in showing their IU pride, they are more than welcome to take pictures of themselves in their IU gear and post them with the hashtag.

Along with showing the pride of IU, the celebration also gives supporters a chance to donate to the university and give back to the funds that make college education possible for students and give employment opportunities to the university faculty and staff.

IU Day is the start of a three year campaign, which will coincide with IU’s bicentennial year celebration in 2020.

“Never before has IU done an all-campus campaign together,” said Dina Harris, Director of Development. “In the past, it’s only been Bloomington and IUPUI while the regional branches would do their own thing. But now the campaign is for all of the campuses.”

   To contribute to the campaign, anyone can make a gift to any program or fund relative to their IU campus. IUSB students and faculty can donate to departmental funds and the Chancellor’s fund, which sponsors scholarships to give back to the students.

The campaign will be going on from 2016 to 2019 and the goal of all IU campuses is to raise $2.5 billion. The five regional campuses goal is $70 million.

“It’s to build awareness all around the world,” said Harris.

There is no minimum amount for students, alumni and the community to donate and anyone interested can partake in contributing to the challenges mentioned on the IU Day website.

More information is also available on the website iuday.iu.edu and can be shared via social media through IU Foundation’s presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, @IUFoundation.      All are encouraged to join in the fun by following along or adding to the IU Day story using the hashtag #IUday.

“We’re really looking forward to celebrating IU on the campus with everybody and we’re really just looking forward to seeing everyone share their IU pride,” said Jagodski.

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