We Asked You: What kind of stories do you want to see in your school newspaper?

Alec Fullenkamp

“I want to see more student questionnaires regarding things on campus. Also, The Preface should interview IUSB athletes, so we can get to know them better,” said Alec Fullenkamp, junior.

Delaney Christy

“It would be really cool to see more things about the Honors Club because they are always active on campus. The Preface should also cover more opportunities where students can get involved with the community,” said sophomore Delaney Christy.

Hui Yang

“I would like to see things about career development and read about the internationalization of this school,” said Hui Yang, second year graduate student.

Marcila Garcilazo

“I would like to see more of what’s going on—like volunteer work and what’s happening on campus—but I feel like you guys already do a pretty good job,” said Marcila Garcilazo, junior.

Issifu Mambelimba

“I would like to see things about sports and activities,” said Issifu Mambelina, senior. “I want to see good things about IUSB in our school newspaper, too.”

Let us know what you think:

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