A showcase for everyone: Students of all majors get chance to showcase art

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Students of all majors and interests will have the opportunity to display their artwork and showcase their artistic talent in a student exhibition.

The exhibition is expected to display at least 20 pieces of artwork, and will feature a wide-variety of art including sculptures, paintings, photographs and even some electronic pieces, such as those done by graphic design students.

The diverse assortment of styles and pieces will allow patrons to experience the creativity of the IUSB community, all while continuing to encourage the development and fostering the growth of young student-artists within the community.

This exhibition is different from the BFA show that is presented every semester, as this exhibition is open to any student who has taken an arts class, regardless of major, while the BFA show is strictly for students of the arts.

“You don’t even have to be an art major,” said Gallery Director Josh Miller. Miller says that they are open to any submission, as long as it is a finished body of work and the instructor has signed off on it.

Miller said that the show is a cross-section of all the fine arts programs at IUSB, and it is a great opportunity to “see what our students are doing here in the program.” Miller believes the exhibition is an opportunity for people to see all the unique ways in which the student-artists express themselves, as well as to explore all the arts program has to offer.

For Miller, the experience is exciting, because it gives him a chance to interact with the arts students that he otherwise might not have gotten a chance to meet. “It’s always interesting for me every year,” Miller said.

“I typically don’t get to work with students except for the Scholarship Sale or the BFA students. I always meet some new faces every year. It’s always cool to see what they’re doing in the arts program,” Miller said.

The exhibition is set to be on display from through April 17 on the second floor of the Administration Building. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 3, in the Chancellor’s reception area in the Administration Building.

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