IUSB’s Wolfson Press publishes zombie book, seeks student volunteers

Cover of “American Zombie Beauty” designed by IU South Bend graduate. Photo Credit/Rachel Nuner
Cover of “American Zombie Beauty” designed by IU South Bend graduate.
Photo Credit/Rachel Nuner

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Now is the time to the join the Wolfson Press team as they work diligently toward broadening their publishing horizons.

Lester Wolfson had an outstanding reputation as IU South Bend’s first and longest reigning chancellor. As part of the Master of Liberal Studies Program at IUSB, Wolfson Press is named after and dedicated to him.

“Wolfson was instrumental in pushing for the arts and is largely responsible for our thriving arts program,” said English professor and series editor of Wolfson Press, Joseph Chaney.

In an attempt to move into literary titles and change the tone of the press, Chaney and Vermont state senator Philip Baruth teamed up to publish “American Zombie Beauty,” a book of short stories written by Baruth that explore aspects of infectious media culture. The book discusses an interesting connection between a popular jam band, the Grateful Dead, and the actual dead.

Wolfson Press usually publishes works on local matters, and although Baruth lives in Vermont, Chaney serves as the connection between Baruth and the IU South Bend community.

Further, the cover art was desgined by IUSB graduate Cyndi VanderVen, who is also the wife of former IUSB English professor Tom VanderVen.

Baruth and Chaney met in graduate school at the University of California Irvine and have stayed in touch throughout the years by sharing their writings with one another.

“He’s a lively personality,” said Chaney in regard to Baruth. “He has a background in both creative writing and politics.”

Baruth has taught at the University of Vermont, is a Vermont state senator and serves as senate majority leader. He has spent years as an award winning commentator for Vermont Public Radio and continues to work on his writing, according to the Vermont General Assembly website.

Baruth will be visiting IUSB’s campus in October to discuss the book and talk with political science students.

In regard to building the Wolfson Press itself, Chaney said they are looking for student volunteers to help build the Wolfson Press team. Internships may be a possibility.

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