University wages on rise since last year

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University employees could see another minimum wage increase before next semester, according to a university spokesperson.

Wages for employees of IU South Bend are above the federal minimum wage and higher than wages for similar positions in the area.

In a press release on April 10, 2014, Indiana University announced they would “increase the minimum wage paid to university employees to $8.25 an hour effective with the start of the new fiscal year on July 1 [2014].” Since July 1, 2015, the trend has stayed true and the wage was raised.

“Currently, the minimum wage rate for all benefits-eligible support and service staff at Indiana University is $10.00 per hour. Minimum wage for all temporary hourly employees is $9.00 per hour. This increase went into effect on July 1, 2015,” explained Ken Baierl, chief of staff, Office of the Chancellor and director of communications and marketing for IUSB.

“I was told that the IU Board of Trustees have received a recommendation to increase the minimum wage to $10.15 per hour,” Baierl continued. “The trustees will not act on it until June. If approved, the new rate would go into effect July 1, 2016.”

Since then, the wage has again jumped from $8.25 an hour to a $9.00 per hour for temporary hourly employees on campus as of July 1, 2015. These wages only pertain to those employed directly through the university, however.

There are many employees on campus that aren’t a part of the pay schedule set forth through the university. While full-time employees, those active in unions, and salaried employees may have access to health coverage and benefits, those working in third-party companies on campus are not beholden to the same employment practices.

“Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what I pay my employees,” said Andrew Vardell, General Manager and representative of Sodexo Campus Services, the company that is in charge of the food services through The Grille, the Sub Connection @ Courtside Café, as well as the coffee shop in the Education and Arts Building.

“Being that we are an outside company, our employees are paid by our pay and benefit structures,” he continued. “We pay our employees fair and competitive wages, and if any Sodexo employees ever have questions or concerns, my door is always open.”

Another notable third-party employer on campus is something almost every student is familiar with—the bookstore. Since the bookstore is an affiliate of Barnes and Noble, their hiring and pay procedures do not match the IUSB scale either.

“We are not part of the University. We are run by Barnes and Noble College, so our own policy and procedures are used,” explained Jeff Dunwoody, IUSB Barnes and Noble College store manager.

Being a public institution, the wage schedules for Indiana University employees can be found at:

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