Former Club Landing demolished

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The former Club Landing has been torn down and that opens opportunities for IU South Bend.

Club Landing, a former restaurant and dance club located on Lincolnway East in South Bend, was demolished Monday, Feb. 8. The business’ land rights have been turned over to IU South Bend, with the hopes that the land expansion can facilitate campus needs to its students.

Former Club Landing had been owned and managed by Dale Hamel, who, after running the business for 20 years, died in September 2013.

The IU Foundation expressed interest in purchasing the nightclub for future use as part of the university. Because the property is close to the campus and directly adjacent to IU South Bend’s on-campus student housing, it would be a natural fit for possible campus expansion. Hamel’s wife sold the property to IUSB in 2014, after the nightclub had closed its doors for a year.

In January 2015, frozen pipes led to a flood in the building’s basement, causing extensive damage to the main floor of the club. Instead of renovating the building like originally planned, IU South Bend administrators made the decision that the building would likely have to be demolished, due to the extensive damage. A later inspection confirmed the building wasn’t worth the amount of repair costs to reopen for business.

“The best thing for us to do is take it down and start new,” said IUSB director of communications Ken Baierl.

In 1992, Club Landing had first opened as Holly’s Landing, one of eight restaurants part of a Michigan-based chain, according to South Bend Tribune archives. The business’s name was later changed to Club Landing.

Hamel’s son and daughter have continued the family’s catering and hosting business at the former club’s new extension, The Landing, on South Michigan Street.

Baierl said the building and club parking lot is expected to be ripped out some time after demolition and the property will become green space while IUSB considers its future plans for the expanse.

“That is an important part of the campus now. So, as we continue to grow, that’s a nice place to expand,” Baierl said.

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