Art Gallery to host pop-surrealist 2-D, 3-D art

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Ziegler - Code Red_PorcelainMiller-Fish Boy and Squid Girl_12x9By: RACHEL NUNER
Staff Writer

Among college students, it’s agreed upon that spring semesters are generally tougher than fall semesters when it comes to motivation.

Observing the artistic results of hard work from past college students could help heighten one’s motivation during a dreadful spring semester, or could at least open one’s mind to creativity.

At the Strange Dayz Exhibition, the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts will feature the work of two artists from Monday, Feb. 15 through Saturday, March 19.

This exhibit will display 2-D and 3-D “pop surrealist” artwork by Midwest natives Justin Henry Miller and Scott Ziegler.

Further, an artist’s reception will be held from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 18, along with a gallery talk by the artists themselves at 6 p.m.

Strange Dayz will delve into some aspects of personal history as visiting artists Miller and Ziegler use life experiences to inspire their works of art, according to a press release.

Miller enjoys using 2-D painting to blur the line between science fiction and real life in his pieces, while Ziegler works in 3-D with ceramic sculptures. Both of the artists “explore the fun and sometimes satirical realm of pop surrealism,” according to the release.

“I have become increasingly interested in the closing gap between science fiction and science-fact. Cloning, transgenic breeding, surrogate mothering, surgical augmentation and food modification are just a handful of supposed advances that have sparked my imagination,” Miller said in a statement on his website.

Miller further mentioned that growing up on his family’s horse farm has inspired some of his artwork.

Miller earned his bachelor’s of arts and master’s at Eastern Illinois University. He has taught at renowned schools, including the University of Notre Dame. Today, Miller serves as an assistant professor and area head of painting at Southeast Missouri State University.

In a statement from Ziegler’s website, it is said that, “Ziegler is a renaissance man in all aspects of the word. He grew up building cars and painting for teachers to get out of homework assignments. Although some would say this was a disservice to his education, time would prove that his unconventional upbringing created the genius that he became.”

Ziegler attended Loyola University and earned his master’s in fine arts at Northern Illinois University. During most of his college years, he worked as a toy designer designing models for companies such as Disney, McDonald’s and Sega. Ziegler has been an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina since 2013.

These artists have a more eclectic taste of art than most individuals, and will talk in-depth about their inspirations at the gallery talk.

Admission to the Art Gallery is free of charge. It is open 12 to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and is located in the Education and Arts Building at 1002 South Esther Street. For more information visit

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