Farewell, Titans

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Smith_Kayla Farewell
Staff Writer

Looking back on my four years as a Titan, I learned a lot along the way.

Starting off as a nursing major and graduating with a degree in mass communications and journalism, I was able to meet enough influential people and friends to last a lifetime.

I look at this farewell as my opportunity to spread my knowledge to my fellow Titans. So Titans, listen up.

Get involved in your campus, in Titan clubs, in Titan Athletics. Get to know your advisors and your professors; they will notice your passion to succeed.

Everyone says it in a clichéd manner, but it is so important to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that IU South Bend has to offer. These resources will show you what you are truly passionate about and should be taken advantage of. After all, the resources are there for a reason.

I was fortunate enough to gain many experiences through IU South Bend, including the opportunity to serve as a staff writer for The Preface, providing me with useful knowledge in the field of journalism and reporting.

My time at The Preface has helped me to strengthen my communication and writing skills and prepare me for graduation.

I not only worked for The Preface, but for the Student Activities Center (SAC) as well. The SAC provided me with a great group of people and friends to work with who made the environment fun and welcoming. The SAC is a great place to go when on campus, whether meeting up with friends or getting in a workout, so be sure to spend time there.

I aspire to work in the sports field. Whether it be a focus in community relations or events and promotions, I am passionate for the exciting and thriving environment that the world of sports brings.

So I bid adieu to IU South Bend and my Titan family that I have been lucky enough to have formed. I thank you for the opportunities, friends, faculty, and all who have made my years as a Titan such a great college experience. Always a Titan!

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