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Adam Levin, a renowned Naxos recording artist, will visit IU South Bend as part of his Midwest tour to present a master class and solo recital at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, in the Louise E. Addicott and Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall.

Adam Levin is an experienced classical guitarist. He has performed across the United States in Chicago, Boston, New York City and Atlanta. Levin has also performed classical music throughout Europe in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Madrid and Spain.

Levin is making his way across the Midwest, he said, to inspire and teach about the accessibility and the approachability of the guitar as well as perform his latest classical pieces.

“I have never been to Iowa, Kansas City, or Knoxville” Levin said. “It brings a sort of freshness and spontaneity to the tour. And these new experiences might elicit a special performance.”

Jorge Muñiz, associate professor of music in composition and theory, said, “Adam is a great teacher and a great performer. People can see that there is excellence here.”

Two guitar students will perform for Levin during the master class. He will provide the students with feedback and new ways to expand their knowledge in guitar.

The master class is there to “Enable the students to feel free to ask questions freely and to access the guitar through a channel that they otherwise would not be able to gain access to without me,” Levin said. “It is empowering them to be more creative and curious.”

“Sometimes it’s to help technically, but it’s always inspiring; which inspiration is what students need” Muñiz said.

There will also be one student composer that Levin will work with to develop new ways of thinking to improve music composition.

“Because Adam does so much new music, it appeals to our composers as well” said Muñiz.

“I’m excited about the Masterclass because there is a sort of schism between guitar and composition and I get work together with the guitar students and the composition students,” Levin said.

Muñiz said all students, as well as the public, can attend the master class.

“It’s not just for musicians. It’s fascinating to watch these great people talk about their life. It is all very inspiring,” Muñiz said. “For the audience, it’s great to see them develop in just short time. You see right away the improvement.”

Levin will give a solo guitar performance following the masterclass.

“It’s such an organic experience,” Levin said. “The live performance is so crucial for me because it gets me to express myself in an in-the-moment kind of way. You have the relationship with the music, guitar and bringing that relationship to the audience; it makes it more dynamic.”
The event is open to all students and the community. Tickets are $5 to $9 and free to students and children and can be purchased at the box office in Northside Hall.

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