Professor taped to wall for club funds

Managing Editor

They say duct tape fixes everything—apparently even fundraising trouble.

Students from the Advertising Club and Marketing Club raised more than $1,000 selling duct tape by the yard so students could tape associate professor of marketing Anurag Pant to a wall in the Student Activities Center Nov. 4. Some even bought the tape by the roll.

“We did presales—$25 a roll of duct tape,” said Michael Staszewski, president of the Advertising Club. “We did a lot of money in presales. We got money from professors, the chancellor. We did over $1,000.”

The clubs hosted the event to raise money for a trip to Chicago where they will attend the Leo Burnett Mosaic Career Fair and Conference in March 2016.

The clubs’ unique approach, Staszewski said, comes with the territory.

“We are advertising and marketing students. So we tried really hard to make sure our marketing and advertising was actually pretty good,” he said. “That would be pathetic if we weren’t able to properly advertise our own event, quite frankly. So we had a little stress and pressure on ourselves to perform along those lines.”

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