Student government helps community with Boo to You event

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Chanterie McDonald and her daughter in front of the painted doors
Chanterie McDonald and her daughter in front of the painted doors
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Halloween often conjures up images of candy, ghosts, ghouls and cheap thrills. But in addition to the candy and frights, there was a heart of giving behind the thrills put on by the Student Government Association last week.

The event Boo to You took place from 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29. It was held in Riverside Hall, and after years of being empty, screams and laughter filled the building, bringing it to life once again, a fitting idea for the season.

The cost of admission to the haunted house at Boo to you was a single can donation per person to raise awareness of hunger and gather cans for the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

Over all the event seemed to have been a huge success, at least Chanterie McDonald thought so.

“This is my second time coming. I enjoyed it, and my daughter did too. She likes the coloring and the different activities for her to do,” said McDonald.

McDonald, a senior at IU South Bend, also said she had thought the event having its own space separate from the main campus area this year added to the novelty.

The event had plenty of volunteers and gathered a hefty donation for the food bank.

Danielle Cagle, one of the lead coordinators for the event, said, “There were so many volunteers we actually had to turn some people away.”
Among the roughly 40 volunteers were members of assorted student organizations.

“We have people here from the SHERM group, CHEER, the SVO, Titan Pro, and a group of students from Adam’s High School to volunteer in the community organization,” said Cagle.

The event featured activities for both kids and adults, but it hasn’t always been that way, said Calvin Molnar, one of the organizers,
“The children’s section has been around IUSB for four years now, and for the haunted house this will be the third year, but this will be the first year they are together in one location.”

Boo to You featured a painted door competition, an annual feature of the event. This year’s competition was the biggest to date, including 9 doors. Kids could also participate in mummy bowling, om nom bean bag toss, kiddy pool duck hunt, story time with Cynthia Murphy, haunted house, craft time and face painting. Candy prizes were available at each activity in addition to doughnuts and cider.

Molnar and Cagle both agreed that combining the two events was a good idea for the sake of the event and the canned food drive.

“I would say this year alone from start to finish it took from the beginning of the semester until now to execute working with facilities and everything,” said Molnar. The dedication of each volunteer showed in detailed costumes, and convincing performances in a very spooky haunted maze.

“It was awesome that we had an opportunity to help the community, and also help give the community something fun to go do,” said Cagle. Students and community members who missed this year’s event can most likely look forward to experiencing a fun Halloween gathering of similar caliber next year.

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