Staff Profile: Julian Hodgson

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Photo Credit/Michael Montana
Photo Credit/Michael Montana

Staff Writer

I am a 23 year-old freshman at IU South Bend. I already know what your brain is doing with that information, and the answer is yes; it is awesome to have been born the same year Army of Darkness came out.

I am a mass communication major, and newly employed by The Preface.

Growing up sharing a birthday with John F. Kennedy and Daniel Tosh meant everyone’s expectations were naturally high for me. Near the end of my high school career I was splitting my days between culinary school and my general studies. The summer after I graduated I took some culinary classes at the art institutes in Chicago. This college experience helped open my eyes to my one true calling, youth ministry.

After spending half a semester in God’s country—Lansing, Michigan, working toward a degree in biblical education, I decided it was time to put my collegiate enterprises on hold to search for better prospects.

Finding work seemed difficult at first, but after you set aside all expectations of financial compensation you realize the opportunities are endless.

I have had many jobs, anywhere from mundane factory work to managing a local liquor store.

While working a residential sales position at a major lawn service provider, I sat in my small cubical surrounded by other salesmen, and made a decision. My love for classic American and Russian literature and general appreciation of knowledge paired with my overall distaste for my job in the sales world, helped me decide it was time pursue higher education.

Over the past year I have made a lot of major life decisions and changes, aside from enrolling in classes at IU South Bend, I have also began collecting members of a family. So far I have obtained an extremely beautiful wife, whom I love and adore very much, and who reads everything I write. I have also collected a beautiful daughter that I love dearly who is three years old and looks just like her mother.

In my spare time I am a drummer. I enjoy music very much. It plays an important role in helping me decompress after a long and stressful week. I am also a self-proclaimed amateur chef. My entire life seems to have been a series of dreams I chase in hopes of catching an opportunity, but as a wise man once told me, “If you chase your dreams hard enough—like actually chase them—one day you will find yourself excited to wake up instead of longing to go to sleep.”

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