Golf team moves on from tough season

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golf ballBy: KAYLA SMITH
Staff Writer

Head Coach Justin Akers has been reflecting on the fall season and the four tournaments that the team participated in. The season was split down the middle—two tournaments in last place and two just outside of last place. Akers talked of the evolving team that he has coming with the spring season.

“I’m very proud of the guys, and I knew it was going to be a step just to try and get them to play a little bit since a lot of them haven’t played in a few years,” Akers said. “I can’t complain. We’re enjoying it. We’re having fun. I learned things about myself I think I could fix as a coach, and I think the boys learned what they need to do to be better golfers individually as well.”

The season ended with the 3rd Annual Troll Invitational at Calumet Country Club, which hosted nine of the teams that IUSB will have played by the end of the spring season. IUSB placed 12 out of 13 teams. Junior CJ Kowalski tied for 6th place with a score of 75.

“He’s been a leader on and off the course,” Akers said. “With it being new to me, I didn’t know who was going to be the kind of kid to step up, but CJ did a great job for us and for that.”

Akers said he sat down with each of his players one-on-one to discuss their team and individual goals.

“We’re definitely getting the fitness portion of our winter going. Study tables are picking up as well, and then just leading into the spring, we’re definitely making sure our grades are at point during the beginning of the spring because our conference tournament is right around exams,” Akers said. “So it’s just making sure they focus on that and get that stuff taken care of.”

As the spring schedule comes together, the team will have competed in five tournaments, including the conference championship. Tournament play and practice require different mindsets, Akers said.

“It was good for the boys to see what our conference is going to look like come the end of the spring,” he said. “Obviously they can get better, and we’re definitely going to get better, but it’s good for them to see who they’re going to play.”
Students who are interested in trying out for the golf team may contact Coach Akers at Weather will dictate the try out dates.

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