UITS revamps campus printing system, adds 11 new stations 

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Students work beside the new printing station in the Northside Hall basement. Photo Credit/Chrissy Bohlmann
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You have to print out your paper before class — but there is a line at the printer.
Now, you can beat the rush and use the new faster and tech-savvy way to print at IU South Bend.
Installed over the last two semesters to provide less waiting time for printing, 11 new printing stations are now available on campus.
UITS is striving to make printers more accessible, said Michael Fletcher, director of Microcomputer and Hardware Support Services.
“The new printer in the seconder floor of Wiekamp is used heavily,” said Fletcher. “We put one in the coffee room in the library (…) and there’s one in The Grille.”
To know where to start working, visit seatfinder.iusb.edu. The site shows every open computer station on campus. Students can also start printing without visiting a computer lab first.
“One of the big trends is people bring their own devices now. With the new print system, they can print from their laptop or from their phone,” Fletcher said.
Students can use any device to send their files directly to the printer system. Once the file is sent to print@iu.edu as an attachment, it can be printed at any IUSB printing station.
“Shortly, you will be able to pick up your papers at Bloomington if you want,” said Paul Sharpe, executive director at the office of the vice president for Information Technology.
Fletcher said any student within the Indiana University network is now able to visit IUSB labs or stations for printing needs.
You can set up any email account in the system by going to https://mobile.print.iu.edu:9001/webrelease/ and selecting the down arrow by your account name. To set up your U-mail account, register a new email with “@umail.iu.edu.”
After confirming the new address in your confirmation email, you can print from any of the new and old printing stations. It will even send you an email letting you know when your files are ready to be printed.
For additional help with online printing, students may visit the Support Center in Wiekamp Hall.
The print.iu.edu site will also let you see your balance and everything you have printed during any semester.
“Every year, the freshmen come in and take to it like ducks to water,” Sharpe said. “The first year this was available on a wide spread basis was last year.”
Sharpe said UITS has also been working to reduce costs for printing. Adding funds to student printing accounts can be done at the Library Media Commons or the Office of the Bursar in the Administration Building.

List of new printing locations at IUSB:
EA – 1099A Education & Arts – first floor, under the stairs
EA – 2099A Education & Arts – second floor
LM – 118 Library Media Commons
LM – 315 Library – first floor
UD – 102 Administration Building – The Grille
DW -1003 Wiekamp Hall – first floor, near the auditorium
DW – 2001 Wiekamp Hall Student Lounge
FE – 102 Student Activities Center
NS – 199 Northside Hall – first floor
NS – 099D Northside Hall – ground floor
NS – 0099 Northside Hall – basement

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