Voting opens for second annual Halloween movie review spectacular

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Readers of The Preface who followed my column last year are well aware of my love for weird stuff. Last October, I reviewed a different horror movie every week. Some were just too unbelievably bad, some scarred me for life but I watched them because my lovely readers took the time to vote for them.
I posted polls on The Preface Facebook page every week so that the public could decide my nightmarish fate. I think my highest voter turnout was 14 people. I’m going to try again this year because I need an excuse to rant about horror movies to someone besides my sister.
Last year, I split the films into weekly categories and that seemed to work pretty well. The categories this year will be: classics, remakes, newer releases and family fun. While the last category probably won’t be terribly scary, I’m sensitive to the fact that many of the students at IU South Bend have families and might like a suggestion of a fun and spooky film to watch with their children.
Voting will still take place on our Facebook page, IUSB Preface. The first poll, for the classics category, is active now. The choices for my first review are “Halloween” (1978), “Friday the 13th” (1980), “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984) and “Psycho” (1960). Every vote counts!

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