Titans resist Chargers in team’s first organized play

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The IUSB Baseball Team prepares to take the field. Photo credit/BENJAMIN MILLER
The IUSB Baseball Team prepares to take the field. Photo credit/BENJAMIN MILLER

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The new IU South Bend baseball team is off to a hot start with their back-to-back scrimmage victories over the Ancilla Chargers on Sept. 16 at Four Winds Field in South Bend. The Titans crushed Ancilla in both, winning the first 11-4 and the second 7-0.
Luke Gaboury was the starting pitcher for the Titans first scrimmage. When asked before the game if he was working on anything in particular in practice, Gaboury said, “I’ve just been working on hitting spots and throwing strikes.”
The Titans didn’t struggle at bat as they powered in five runs during the first inning alone. Fans were treated to doubles, triples and multiple-run plays within minutes of the first pitch.
The Titan baseball team is young, both as a newfound branch of the athletic department and also literally. The official team website lists 27 freshmen.
Austin Pickett, a freshman, was suited up to play catcher for the Titans. When asked if he was starting or a backup he said, “I’m the backup for now. I’ve got to work my way up.”
Bruce Watson was also in attendance to cheer on the Titans. Watson is not an average fan. He teaches at IUSB and serves as a faculty representative on the athletic board.
According to Watson, he has had many of the players as students and is excited to watch them grow on and off the field.
“They are really well coached too,” Watson said as head coach Brian Blondell walked over and posted up as third base coach.
Blondell is confident in the Titans and their ability to take on more established teams. When asked what this does for IUSB he said, “Right now we have brought in 48 guys to the university and we play in the second toughest conference for NAIA in the country for baseball.”
Blondell, along with his assistant coaches, has brought such a high-powered lineup to the school that they decided not to even hold tryouts. When asked when they would be held, Blondell said, “Tryouts cancelled [for] right now.”
Thanks to that tough schedule the coach was talking about, the Titans will have ample opportunity to make the school proud sooner than later. According to Blondell there are more scrimmages and practices in the works, but the regular season games won’t begin until next spring.

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