Student government searches for candidates after senator resigns

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A senator recently resigned from the Student Government Association and his position is now available.
Senator Erich Haley emailed his resignation to Vice President Lois Kassem before the Sept. 11 SGA meeting, citing “personal reasons” for his departure.
Scott Strittmatter, director of student life and adviser to the SGA, said the SGA will soon start the screening process for potential candidates.
“The Student Government Association will create a search and screen committee and it will release the application to the public,” Strittmatter said.
Kassem will head the search and screen committee that will select candidates. The successor of Haley will be voted upon by the Senate.
Senators receive a bi-monthly stipend of $232. Haley had not been paid at the time of his resignation.
“No stipends have gone out,” Strittmatter said. “If they don’t perform or they resign, they don’t get paid.”

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