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With the latest wave of Amiibos recently launching, I thought it appropriate to talk about these unique figurines and why any gamer should be interested in them. Your first question might be “What is an Amiibo?” Excellent question!
The Amiibo technology itself is wireless communications and storage that is used between compatible toys and the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U gaming consoles.
The Amiibo figurines are designed to be used in conjunction with certain games playable on these consoles to unlock special features and content. Plus, they are just really well made and cool to look at.
In the beginning, the two games primarily made for use with Amiibos were “Super Smash Brothers” and “Mario Kart.” With “Smash Brothers,” you could even scan multiple Amiibos into your console and have them fight each other independently without anyone controlling them. Since each character has their skill levels and fighting moves programmed into the game, there is no requirement that a human control their actions in this mode.
Since the initial release, Amiibo has been making its way into a variety of games, including some very special gaming packages. The upcoming Chibi Robo Amiibo is only sold with the special box set that includes the game called “Ziplash.” Some of the new Super Mario Maker games were also packaged with the eight-bit Mario Amiibo, though you can also purchase the Amiibo separately for that one.
Retailers have been making a killing, especially on store exclusive Amiibos that can only be purchased from certain stores. In this last release, the Bowser Jr. Amiibo figurine could only be purchased at Toys ‘R Us.
Due to prior issues with certain figurines selling out, they are often sold in limited quantities to prevent scalpers from purchasing the product only for the purpose of re-selling it for a higher price.
In cases of rare figurines, consumers have been willing to pay more than double the sticker price to get their hands on their favorite character.
Despite their appeal to the younger generation, this has definitely proven to be a toy favored by adults. My fiance’s collection is now in the double digit range. I will say they are a lot of fun and any gamer should be proud to own one—or one hundred. I’m not judging.

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