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Children_dressed_as_Batman_and_Robin,_1966By: CHRISSY BOHLMANN
Staff Writer

Boo to You is IU South Bend’s way of helping the community have a safe and fun Halloween.
But as those who used to organize and plan the spooky event have graduated, it needs students to step up now more than ever.
Last year, Boo to You offered activities and a haunted house for children in the area. All of the activities offered this year will need volunteers to help set up and run them.
“One of the great things about Boo to You is that it’s always been student driven,” said Scott Strittmatter, director of student life at IUSB. “It wasn’t coming from the university. It’s not like a student life program. It’s not a Titan Productions program. It’s always been student led,” he said.
Calvin Molnar, who coordinated Boo to You last year, according to Strittmatter, has recently graduated. This will leave a gap in the organizational structure of the event, making it challenging to plan for years ahead.
The SGA and Strittmatter have been discussing how to keep Boo to You going.
“I think the SGA is going to be starting it, then partnering with me,” Strittmatter said. “I have faith that we will find some way to keep it going. As long as we have the need, I think we’ll have students to step up in those positions.”
Students are needed to volunteer for organizing and coordinating the event. The committee will have weekly meetings Fridays at 3:30 p.m., according to Strittmatter.
The meetings will be about Spirit Week and Boo to You. All interested students are welcome and do not have to be club members to attend.
But those who want to be part of a Boo to You club, may not have to wait long.
“I know there’s been talk to add a Boo to You club,” said Strittmatter. “It would be most active in the fall semester. The spring semester would be for preparing for the next one.”
Strittmatter said that he is not worried about funding for this year’s Boo to You, as the SGA has mostly funded it in the past. Traditionally they fund things that benefit community outreach, students coming together and student life on campus.
Volunteering for the committee will not only benefit local children, but also the students. Students in the past have enjoyed helping with the games and activities as it gives them the opportunity to be creative.
Last year, Boo to You offered a haunted house, haunted maze, balloon Quidditch, an inflatable slide and other games where children could win prizes.
While the details of this year’s Boo to You have not been set in stone, this is the perfect time to get involved, according to Strittmatter. The school does not want this community outreach project to be discontinued.
“I think one of the special things about this student population is that our campus is Michiana. We are the community,” said Strittmatter. “When we open our campus out to the community we are not only helping ourselves, but making that connection of who we are in Michiana.”
It’s up to the students to carry on that legacy.

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