Doctor Who maintains integrity despite new doctor

A painting by Christine Aiken
A painting by Christine Aiken


It’s almost that time again, ladies and gents. We once again begin the journey through space and time in a big blue box that is bigger on the inside as the new season of “Doctor Who” begins on September 19.
The BBC is once again having a special event in theatres that will preview the upcoming episodes. You can personally check this out September 14 to 15 at AMC Showplace Cinema in South Bend. This is something that even casual “Whovians” will not want to miss.
The new season will resume with actor Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as companion Clara Oswald. After two seasons, I have finally gotten used to Capaldi’s Doctor and can appreciate the contrast he brings to the character when comparing to previous actors.
Your pain is felt, fellow “Whovians.” We all miss Matt Smith. If I could wish The Doctor and the TARDIS into reality, he is who I would hope to show up at my doorstep. His general youthful exuberance combined with his ability to get serious and even mean when the situation called for it was a joy to watch.
For anyone who hasn’t watched “Doctor Who,” it is not only highly recommended to do so in general, but it is best to start with Matt Smith’s first season as The Doctor.
The first episode with fish fingers and custard, “Prisoner Zero,” and the introduction of Amy and Rory makes it really easy to fall in love with the story instantly.
Not many realize that this is the longest running television drama of all time. It is also the only show where the main character is regularly replaced by a different actor and it works. Every actor brings something completely new and fresh to the role of The Doctor while still maintaining the spirit of who and what he is.
Another great piece of Who news is that the character of River Song will be back for the Christmas episode of “Doctor Who” this year. For those who don’t understand the significance, River Song is Rory’s and Amy Pond’s daughter and also The Doctor’s wife. If that seems confusing, remember that anything is possible when you can travel anywhere in time and space.
If you love Daleks and Cybermen and all things Who, check out the theatre showcase and new season of “Doctor Who.” Here’s hoping that The Doctor and all of the other characters we love in the Who universe will never been exterminated.

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