New online hub for campus clubs

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Students looking for information on clubs or events on campus have a new website to visit this year.
Titan Atlas is replacing My Involvement as the online hub for campus activities.
According to Director of Student Life Scott Strittmatter, My Involvement was pushed out last semester due to being out of date and not much use to students. The new site is completely customizable with several useful options available for the students.
“This site is much cleaner,” he said. “It is all about customization.”
Strittmatter has been very involved with the switch to Titan Atlas and is very hands on with the site.
Titan Atlas has a very clean look and is easy to use, he said. Login on the site is simple as it uses the same passphrase and username as students’ other university accounts, such as Canvas, One and Oncourse.
Students can search for a club and request to be added to the group. If the club is not found, it only takes a few minutes for a club member to add it. Once the group profile is set up, it can be changed and modified to fit the club.
Another great thing about Titan Atlas is all the linking clubs can do, Strittmatter said. Clubs are able to link their social media sites onto their page and post upcoming events as well.
“Students will still have to go through the special events office and follow the same procedures with events just as they did before, but after they can then utilize the options available on the site,” Strittmatter said.
Once events are posted, clubs then have the option to pin the location, push to Outlook or RSVP.
Titan Atlas offers many options that were not available on My Involvement. Notably, it is a way to stay connected with the many organizations on campus. Students can create forms, send texts to members, post pictures and soon they will even be able to create budgets.
Titan Atlas is also linked with an app called Corq which is available for free download on the App Store for Apple users or Google Play for Android users. On Corq, students can search for organizations and events on the campus.
“This is a really great way to not only internally organize your group but to help externally as well,” Strittmatter said.
Students can check out the new site by going to

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