Listen up and let the music take control: The Preface announces new music column


The campus is filled with individuals from all walks. We are here for our own reasons and we coexist accordingly. Some wear jeans, some dress in suits, but you’ll never see me without my earbuds.
At any point during the week, whether grabbing coffee or studying in the library, I’m blasting tunes into my ears. No genre goes unfinished, and few songs or artists go unheard.
I file libraries of music into my storage compartments, always with the promise of my return when my mood strikes.
In my upcoming columns, we will explore various genres of music. I will do album reviews, band interviews, and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming tours and shows in the area.
The biggest purpose of my column will be to keep students at IU South Bend informed about the music in the area.
Music can be a safe place for people. Not only as an expression, but also as a way of creating and molding your own personal style as an output.
Primarily, you can expect to read about metal, indie, singers and songwriters, local music, and my occasional stabs at top 40—I’ll forever be questioning the reason for its popularity.
I will challenge you. I will make suggestions. I will speak freely about the world of tunes that I have found comfort in. Most of all, I will be here to support any students pursuing musical careers.
Garage bands can make it big. Barn shows can become record labels. Our community can thrive when we support each other. The music scene can grow, but involvement is necessary. Will you follow my lead?

By The Preface at IUSB

IU South Bend's Official Student Newspaper

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