Staff Profile: Keri O’Donnell

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My name is Keri O’Donnell and I work for The Preface as the page layout designer. I take everyone’s stories, photos, and ads for the week and fit them all into the paper like a puzzle.
I am a senior here at IU South Bend, studying graphic design. I am passionate about designing and feel that the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
I will be completing my bachelor’s degree here in a total of three years, and hope to move on to graduate school next year to continue studying graphic design.
After working at The Preface I could definitely see myself working at a newspaper in the future.
I spent some time this summer re-designing the new look for our newspaper, and the design for our new app. It’s exciting seeing it all come together.
I also spent this past summer studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I learned quite a bit on this trip and made new friends and great memories. I wish more students here took advantage of what IUSB has to offer. We have great sports teams, music events, theater performances, and opportunities to see the world and study abroad.
I will work hard this year as the designer for The Preface in hopes of getting more people interested in reading our newspaper.

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