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Tampa Bay at low tide, taken in August 2014. Photo credit/Jordan Rae Lucas
Tampa Bay at low tide, taken in August 2014. Photo credit/Jordan Rae Lucas


I have come to the end of my first academic year with The Preface and I have to say it has been a pleasure. I don’t know how many people actually read this column besides my parents, but I would like to thank them all. My first column professed my love of entertainment, and I have loved just as much, if not more, writing my thoughts on all manner of things.
I do love having a platform. I’ve discovered a great deal of confidence from writing my column. There will never be a point in my life that I cease to be thrilled when someone compliments my latest piece. There will also never be a point where this (or even just the recognition of my name) ceases to surprise me.
I know this reads like a swan song, but it isn’t. You’re stuck with me. Sorry. In fact, in the fall I will be taking over the newly minted position of Managing Editor of Digital Publications here at The Preface. Catchy, right? I named it myself. So, not only are you stuck with me, but I’m also (co)-in charge.
I’ll be pretty busy going forward with all my new responsibilities so I’ve been grappling with whether or not I should keep my column. This will probably come as news to the rest of the staff. The more I think about it, it just doesn’t seem prudent that I should get to be an editor AND have a column. Maybe it will become a web exclusive. With all the changes going on in The Preface offices, nothing is set in stone.
Now that that is out of the way, I have some homework for you, dear readers. I know that right now we are all wading through final papers and projects and exams so this assignment won’t be due until August.
I have compiled a collection of perfect summer vacation films. Watch them. Tell me what you think. “Grease,” if only because I will always associate it with the first night of summer. “Dazed and Confused,” if you like vintage McConaughey. “Jaws,” obviously. “Heavyweights,” set at a summer camp and featuring a deranged Ben Stiller and a young Kenan Thompson, how are you not already watching this? Or, if you prefer your summer camps less funny and more deranged, “Friday the 13th.” And finally, because I don’t want anyone to overextend himself or herself over break, “Point Break,” mainly because I want a single human being to laugh when I shout “Utah! Gimme two!” when I need two of something.
You have your syllabus and my contact information. And who knows? Maybe I will live tweet one of these movies at some point. Spoiler alert: I totally will. Until then, you’re so cool. Have a great summer. Don’t ever change.

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