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Staff Profile Jan 30By: SARAH CAWTHON
Staff Writer

I’m sitting on my couch, coffee in hand and thinking back on my undergraduate years. I won’t lie – I never planned on attending IU South Bend and it was never my first choice.
This is fairly obvious, though, as it is the third university to grace my undergraduate transcript and I applied merely weeks before I showed up on campus for the first time in January 2014. The last time I checked, most people don’t ever really plan on attending three universities over the course of five years and I’m definitely no exception. But here I am.
Everything came together in a series of spur of the moment flashes that make it difficult to look back on now. I filled out the intercampus transfer form on a whim and never really believed I would go through with making the move from Bloomington to South Bend. But here I am.
Even when I moved north and began my first semester at IUSB, I didn’t really think I’d be able to stick it out. The hour drive from Plymouth four days a week in the middle of the infamous “snowpocalypse” made it nearly impossible for me to find any enjoyment in the university, and with every passing day, I found it harder to make the trek. I was positive I would end up dropping out a year away from graduation. But here I am.
As I began the fall semester, I still had yet to find anything to look forward to at IUSB. I mostly kept to myself and did the minimal work required to pass my classes, daydreaming about the day I would be done with college for good. When the Preface announced they were looking for new writers, I vowed that I would never write for a newspaper. But here I am.
This spring, I joined the Preface as a staff writer and am finishing up my last few classes with the best grades I’ve had in three years. I have made it to the end of a tiresome undergraduate career. However, the connections I’ve made with professors and students this semester will follow me long after I have hung up my cap and gown. I swore I would never be sad to leave IUSB. But here I am.
So, it’s difficult to look back as it all comes to a close knowing that it almost never happened. As it turns out, the choices you never thought you’d make can turn out to be some of the best.

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