URC Prize Winners, 2015

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Creative Arts
Winner: Jordan Rae Lucas
Honorable Mention: Lucas Burkett; Niall Garvin
Co-Winners: Brendan Beck; Christopher Williams (he presented twice, the paper on college costs was the winning paper)
Honorable Mention: Jane Wise; Ben Wineland
Natural Sciences
Winner: Emily Mann
Honorable Mention: Jonathan Wells
Professional Programs
Co-Winners: Aaron Medlin; Avery Smith and Kelsey Carmack
NOTE: Aaron Medlin’s updated paper title is “Illuminating Labor Demand Shifts from Immigration: An Empirical Examination of the Impact of New Immigrants on New Business Establishments”
Social Sciences
Winner: Geoffrey Trowbridge
Honorable Mention: Christopher Crawford; Stacey Motz
World Languages
Co-Winners: Adam Metcalfe; Samantha Blair

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