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Bliley - Nyaradzo Caroline MantizibaBy: KATIE BLILEY
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Nyaradzo Caroline Mantiziba is the editor of the Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ), but adding the title of editor to her name is just one more accomplishment.
Mantiziba is also the treasurer for the International Student Organization, working towards her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, and the award winner of the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.
While completing her psychology advanced lab research project on religiosity and health, in 2014, Mantiziba recalled, “You could say I got bit hard by the research bug. So when I saw the advertisement for editors for the URJ in the Preface a few weeks later, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved.
“The URJ publishes research papers from every academic discipline represented on the IUSB campus. Novel, student driven research is what we look for when publishing the journal,” said Mantiziba. “We aim to be inclusive and try to have every discipline represented.”
Mantiziba said that it is important for students to be involved in the journal and it is a great opportunity to have a student’s work published and recognized by peers.
“Objectively evaluating research and selecting excellent examples of research from all disciplines was an eye opening experience,” reflected Mantiziba. “I brought together a team of strangers to create a research journal and we made gold. I am very proud of my team.”
Mantiziba thinks the world of research can be tricky but is rewarding as well.
“Research is as beautiful as it is difficult. Sometimes only you, the researcher, see the worth of your work and other times everyone celebrates it. Don’t let that be the focus of why you do what you do. Be in research because you want to do it, because you want to discover, prove or even disprove something and not because you want to be the next Einstein. No matter how big or small or what the result is, take pride in your work, because you did it,” said Mantiziba. “The pursuit of knowledge never ends, so join the race and never stop running.”

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