Libby Elmore: New Views on Gender

Staff Writer

Senior Libby Elmore has learned a lot serving as the editor-in-chief of IU South Bend’s undergraduate research journal New Views on Gender.
“My favorite part is probably the actual editing of things. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and found that it greatly improved my writing,” Elmore said.
As an English major, Elmore appreciates the importance of being published as an undergraduate student.
“Being published as an undergrad is very impressive, especially if you’re in a field like English or some of the sciences where being published is the way that you prove yourself,” Elmore explained.
She also learned from the research itself. Elmore describes the research in this year’s New Views on Gender as “eye-opening.” Research includes pieces on sexuality, making the case for legalizing same-sex marriage, explaining the role of women’s studies’ in the study of history and more.
Elmore found that setting deadlines, being persistent, and getting things done early were key in preparing this year’s installment of New Views of Gender.

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