Chad Forbregd: Analecta

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Bliley - Chad Forbregd - PhotoBy: KATIE BLILEY
Staff Writer

For Chad Forbregd, being the editor of Analecta was something he longed for for years. After being published in the journal, he was thankful to work with the publication.
With experience in copywriting and as the Managing Editor of 42 Miles Press, run by IU South Bend professor David Dodd Lee, Forbregd was ready for the challenge.
“Analecta represents the quality of our faculty, the university, and the great city of South Bend. It is a permanent record of where we are as a department, university, and community of artists,” Forbregd said.
“I want past, present, and future students to look back on this issue and see that we’ve got a pretty good thing going on in South Bend. You don’t have to live in New York or some big city to be published or create works worth being published. We have a community of artists that are uniquely talented and worth being seen.”
Having the opportunity to work with so many great artists was important to Forbregd. “I wanted this issue to pay tribute to the past, present, and future of Analecta. But most importantly, I wanted the 45th issue to be something that contributors are proud of. Something that doesn’t simply collect dust on a shelf, but is worn-out, read, and referenced for years to come. The purpose of Analecta is to showcase the best student work, so that is exactly what you can expect out of the 45th issue.”
Forbregd said that, as the editor, he wanted the pieces themselves to shape this issue of Analecta.
“After the cover was chosen and the submissions were laid out in front of me, everything came together organically. All I did was facilitate the work, give it a space to breathe and grow on the page.”
With a deep and undying love of poetry, Forbregd offered great insight into the creative process and advice for all artists and creators.
“I have submitted some of my best work and had it rejected and I have submitted some of my worst work and had it published. You never know what is going to happen. If you want to write or create something then do it. Don’t wait for time, opportunity, or someone to tell you that you are good enough. The important part isn’t getting it right…it’s the process.”

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