IUSB offers new minor in sleep

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Due to the extreme success of the nap club at IU South Bend, and high demand from sleep-deprived students, IU South Bend will be the first school in the world to offer a sleeping minor.

This is not a sleep study. Instead, this is a resource for students to learn more about sleeping through nap time twice a week in a cozy classroom setting. This is an effective way to take scholarship money, raise GPA and recover from more exhausting classes.

Nap classes will be taught during the fall and spring semesters by any professors who do not want to grade homework. Nap classes will be offered at 100, 200 and 300 levels. Homework will consist of activities like sleeping in public, teaching others how to sleep and group projects that involve napping together. Extra credit assignments including sleeping a full 8 hours are encouraged.

Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, food and soft, soothing music will be made available at the bookstore for these classes. Older editions of these items will be deemed useless by professors. The most recent, expensive materials from the bookstores will be required for these courses.          Scholarships through NAPS (National Association for Perfect Sleep) will be offered on a need basis. They are also granting the school over $1.3 million to begin to build a school of sleep where the old Greenlawn Hall currently stands

A napping major is being arranged through a graduate level project that involves creating an ultimate sleep day. Netflix, a giant Chinese take-out meal and a plethora of blankets are just some options that can be used for this project.

The homework is more extensive, and requires mattress testing, binging on Mexican food and it should be ready by fall of 2016. By this time, a 100 level nap class will be required as a way to teach freshmen students to budget their time effectively and manage stress.

The NAP test (Napping Academy Placement) will also be arranged for credits for those students who do not have room in their schedules to sleep.

While this is an option, the class experience is thought to be more worthwhile to students and can benefit them.

Napping classes are being recommended to students of all majors and minors because sleep deprivation is a leading cause of stress and low grades. Sleeping can help students manage stress and not become overwhelmed with daily tasks. Employers are seeking people who have taken this course because it reflects that students recognize the importance of a rested body and how it can impact work, school, family, et cetera.

Students interested in napping classes should speak to an advisor. Staff interested in teaching napping classes can complete testing from the Napping Association of Pennsylvania.

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