Titan Pro hosts Gatsby-themed dance

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The Gatsby Dance flyer. Photo credit/Titan Pro
The Gatsby Dance flyer. Photo credit/Titan Pro

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If any of you beautiful little fools and old sports are looking for something to do at 9 p.m. on the evening of March 26, you may want to consider attending the Gatsby Dance at the University Grill, presented by Titan Pro. This is a free event, including refreshments and a live DJ.

Be sure to wear your sharpest Gatsby-themed attire, as pictures will be taken at the event. IU South Bend student Devin Roach has been eagerly preparing for the dance.

“I am incredibly excited to go. I have had my dress bought since January after finding out that it was happening from a friend on SGA,” she explained. “It is my best friend’s favorite book, so we are treating it almost as if it were prom.”

Devin added, “We have high expectations, but Titan Pro always does a fabulous job with dances, and I am sure everyone will have a fabulous time.”

Fellow student Joshua Olsen is also looking forward to an enjoyable evening.

“I think Great Gatsby is a wonderful theme for a dance,” he said. “It is a classy and elegant theme, but with a carefree aspect much like Gatsby’s legendary parties. With the revamped movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a lot of people might really enjoy this theme.”

Olsen noted that The Great Gatsby is a classic piece of literature that was taught to many of us in high school and still enjoyed to this day. The recent movie simply brought all of those great characters to life. This dance will give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Gatsby’s world, so brilliantly described by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the book.

Titan Pro member Grace Ball encourages all attendees to embrace the theme of the evening.

“Everyone should try to dress in Gatsby attire,” she said. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. The most important thing is that you come to have fun.”

Come out and relive a tale of the roaring 20s, a lavish party, a mysterious millionaire and love affairs. Get dolled up in a flapper dress or a stylish tuxedo and mingle with the rest of the IUSB elite on March 26. After all, these are your younger and more vulnerable years. Join your fellow students for an evening of good times, good music and Gatsby.

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